Managed Training Services

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Whether you are an individual trying to manage their training and development or a business looking to manage the compliance training requirements or trying to achieve high levels of competence within their teams, we have the solution for you.

Teams with the best players win and when companies win their people thrive and grow. Our founding Director is driven by the need to deliver meaningful training that mutually benefits both the learner and the employer.

To do this C2C Training Group will collaborate to find the shared value between what business need to succeed, what learners need grow, and how industry needs to change to meet these needs.

Managing training records, their expiry requirements and working hard to close any gaps in your training and development plan can be daunting and requires specialised administration and supplier management.

Our experts are on hand to help take the hassle out of this process and ensure that you are fully compliant with your training and development needs at all time. Utilising our own trainers and our key suppliers to deliver high quality training, when you need it, and at competitive rates.

Individual Learners

Being competent and experienced are key if you are looking for work, and if you are reaching for that promotion and all-important financial reward.

But when you are so focussed on your job, it can be hard to manage all your training renewals, let alone planning your development and making sure it is right for you.

The world of learning and development can be daunting, and not just about attending and passing the course, but before you even book.

  • Is this the best course?
  • Does it give me what I need?
  • Am I paying too much?
  • Is the provider genuine?

And if you are wanting to develop yourself and improve your skills, it becomes even harder, dealing with education jargon, trying to understand the different levels and methods of training, knowing how much time and money you need to commit.

C2C Training will help you create your own personalised training and development plan, looking at the role or promotion you want to achieve, assessing and evaluating your current levels of knowledge, skills and experience and identifying the training and development gaps you will need to fill and how these are best completed.

Essentially we are there for you, whether you just want us to take the hassle out of managing your compliance training or if you want our professional advice and support to challenge and develop yourself, we have the perfect solution for you.

For more information on our training subscription service, please contact us.

Business Services

Businesses need to navigate workforce changes while continuing to increase profitability, but to do that you must ensure that you equip your people with the skills they need to do their job well and efficiently.

Businesses must ensure that compliance training is completed and maintained, this is essential in order for you to manage the operational risk. Compliance training may include Health & Safety training which is some cases is either legally required or mandated by industry standard.

Successful businesses go beyond compliance, recognising that people are their most valuable assets and by developing their people will allows them to achieve the adaptability, think creatively, and problem-solving effectively. These skills will help them to contribute meaningfully to your business and deliver you a return on investment.

We recognise that many businesses have a small training and development team if any at all. Therefore, managing a multitude of training providers, monitoring training expiry schedules, sending mass email communications, and doing their day-to-day operational tasks can be overwhelming and simply not achievable.

C2C training are here to help, we have an experienced team on hand to manage this process for you. Whether you just want to manage and maintain your compliance training levels or you want to create a full learning and development strategy we have the solutions for you.

For more information on our Managed Training Services, please contact us.